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MY LIFE WITH GUITARS takes me into the music scene where I’m always taking pictures. Since I was a teenager making my way to the front of the stage to photograph the Isley Brothers or Sly and the Family Stone, I've taken photographs back stage, on stage, from my seat, and from as many places as I can get to.

I sneaked my camera into a Prince concert where we weren't allowed to take photographs. Really???? I'm so glad I broke the rules.
At a Hall and Oates concert, I was told that if I used my "professional" camera, I would be asked to leave. Really????

Sometimes I just take the shot. I may get the evil eye, but I may also get the photo.

There are also times when I lower my camera and experience the music and participate in the experience. I listen intently, shout hallelujah, or dance in the aisles as the music seeps in and rocks my soul. That's worth 1,001 words.

Guy Davis
Arlo Guthrie
Hall and Oates
Alecia Keys
Earl Klugh
Pete Seegar
Toshi and Bernice Reagan
Tears for Fears
Peter Yarrow