A part of MY LIFE WITH GUITARS is living with the guitars themselves. By the musician, the guitars are played, attended to, cleaned, touched, squeezed, and sometimes hated or loved because they are hard to play or easy on the fingers as they convey the emotional release of hand clapping, toe thumping, head nodding music to mere listeners like me. By me, a photographer, the pieces of wood, metal, nylon, plastic, and circuitry are elegant instruments that displace the light in ways that catch my eye and cause me to raise my camera. And I not only see that light dancing with guitars, I also see it flowing in and out of in saxophones, rubbing on drums, and falling over other instruments.
The TrumpetThe Madcat Hohner TelecasterThe SaxophoneThe Paul Reed Smith Carlos SantanaThe PianoThe Music StandThe BeardsallThe DrumsThe Seventy-Seven Exurbarto-1The Seventy-Seven Exurbato -2The Seventy-Seven Exurbato -3The Seventy-Seven Exurbato -4The Seventy-Seven Exurbato -5The R Sanchis CarpioThe 1952 Martin 0018The Left-Handed StratocasterThe Grimes HapaThe Paul Reed Smith Hollow Body 12The Paul Reed Smith Hollow Body IIThe Stratocaster