SaraI met Sara fourteen years ago. She was a structural integrationist, a Rolfer, and I was her client. Then I became her friend. When Sara was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), everything changed. Her world became smaller, her body became weaker, and she became a fierce public advocate for death with dignity.

Sara never let me take her picture. She didn’t like the way she looked in photographs. Especially now. Two days before her 60th birthday, she finally agreed. About a year later, Sara decided to let me help her document the final portion of her journey. She wanted to record her encounters with rude people in the street and the obstacles to her mobility, but we never got the chance. She lost the ability to navigate her wheelchair in the street and eventually stopped going outside. I did get to photograph Sara playing Bridge as well as some of her daily routines. One day I asked Sara if she was scared. She started to cry and lost her breath. I took her photograph and changed the subject. Three weeks later she was gone.

Sara was the lead plaintiff in Myers v. Schneiderman, a case seeking to establish aid in dying as a right in New York Sate. Sara died on August 16th at the age of 61.

All proceeds from the sale of this collection will go to The Gleason Initiative Foundation, one of the organizations that Sara supported and one that supported her in return.
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